Custom bespoke sound design for audio media.

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Instrumentally Inspired

Instrumentally themed tracks including samples of A {1:00} & B {0:30}. 

Custom made bespoke audio & FX {pre & post} also done on request. Audio sync to visuals, radio ready edits & promo cuts. Pro mastering,

mixdowns & stems also available. All genres & alternative content.


Embracing Passion

N.Alchemy Music is an independent library regulated through the PRS & MCPS UK offering customisable bespoke sound design {production music} for audio visuals, gaming / promo and media production.

Fully compliant with all ITU, EBU & ATSC {specifications on request}. 



Established within the UK early in the millennium, NAM is structured to meet the audible needs of present day pre & post media productions and will endure in experimenting with various genres of world & alternative music.  


Let's Connect

Do you have questions or comments relating to Licencing - PRS / MCPS, our library content, samples, showreels, promo videos, or upcoming new releases.

Reach out and we`ll be happy to assist. 

N.Alchemy Music


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